My host mom got a kitten and her name is Yves

I never used to understand people who insisted on showing other people photos of their pets. Now that our little three-member host family has expanded to four, I still don’t understand this phenomenon. But I do know that everyone would want to see pictures of our new Yves because she is the best.

We got her at the end of April when she was just a tiny kitty:

She’s super cuddly and loves sitting with us. My host mom always called her grudenta, which I always thought just meant cuddly—but thanks to Diário de Um Banana, I recently learned it also means “sticky.” I think this is adorable, because Yves sticks to you like velcro. She has also helped me learn what papagaio means, because she likes to sit on people’s shoulders like a “parrot.”

Unfortunately, I’ve also had occasion to learn the word morder, which means “to bite.” This was cuter when she was smaller and would just sort of nibble at you, but now that she’s bigger and starting to get more rambunctious, it’s actually sort of painful.

The photo from the right is from the day when Yves discovered she could cling to my clothes and climb up me like a tree. I thought it was a one-off thing, but I think she felt pretty proud of herself, and she proceeded to do it again and again.


Over the course of the last two months, Yves has gotten noticeably bigger. She’s still a kitty, but she has some stomach now. She’s also super energetic, long recovered from the eye infection she was fighting a couple weeks ago. Plus she doesn’t meow as much (she used to sound like an improperly closed water jug), and she’s beginning to get a sense of what is and isn’t allowed in the house.

Yves (pronounced sort of like “eevees” and named after the designer of Saint Laurent fame) has been a great addition to our little family—and not just because she cuddles with us and keeps us company when we’re doing dishes or homework. She’s a little engine of cuteness and novelty, and she’s slowly helping me realize why people feel so strongly about their pets.


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